Nyheter i E-Shopen

I E-Shopen säljer vi applebayprylar som kommer att bli fler framöver. Vi samlar även på oss coola grejer vi hittar längs vägen, kika in.

ron jon

Oh Dawn

Worst Idea Ever – Dude


Thomas Surfboards

”I make surfboards, i reckon i make pretty rad ones, just not too many white 6’1″ thrusters. Most of the testing is done on some pretty tasty point waves and few beaches, been doing it a little while now and really enjoy it.

I make ’em at a factory that has a lot of history in Australian surfing, bit of a bonus for me really. I’ve learnt a lot off some really great people from spending many hours in the shaping bay and in the water.

Surfing’s fun and doing it on all types of boards makes you smile and keeps it interesting”.

– Thomas Bexon